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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 8, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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we still have to go through the tedious step-by-step process working with metro to look at the surveillance footage to see if we can determine if she was there. stephen: the family says in her luggage the investigators found her wallet, her credit cards, her cash and plane ticket. again, after working here at the springfield mall, surveillance video situation, they will be moving on to metro to try to see if akens may have actually boarded that train to reagan national airport. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: okay. keep us posted on that search. thank you very much. and now only on 7, a part-time coach is being sued for millions of dollars after apparently having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student. so why isn't that coach facing any criminal charges here? montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live in rockville to explain. kevin? kevin: hi, alison.
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what we learned today should come as a surprise to parents all across maryland. according to the civil lawsuit filed this week, a strength and conditioning coach with the walter johnson high school crew club struck up a romantic relationship with that 16-year-old girl on the boating team. the two allegedly exchanged more than 3,000 text messages and in december went to the woodmont country club in rockville where they had sex. two days later that girl attempted suicide by ingesting pills. she survived but is now living at a mental health center. why aren't they charging her coach with a crime? according to the maryland law the age of consent is 16. while it's still illegal for full-time teachers and coaches to have sexual relations with the students and athletes, the law does not cover part-time coaches and teachers. >> because he is a part-time teacher, a part-time coach there is no criminal sanction against him for these
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activities. i think he knew that. the fact he writes that in a text is sort of amazing and indicate he is knew what he was doing. kevin: today the crew club that operates independent of the montgomery county public schools tells me they have parted ways with the coach in question. this lawsuit is asking for $5 million in damages. we're live in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: kevin, thank you. an odd turn in the war on terror as republican presidential candidate donald trump calls for a ban on all muslims traveling to the united states. we first told you about the comments yesterday at 4:00 and reaction is spreading like wildfire today. with the mayor of st. petersburg, florida, banning the real estate mogul coming to her city. kenneth mouton now looks at all the reaction. reporter: donald trump off the campaign trail tuesday, but talk of the world. his proposed ban on muslims entering the u.s. has been met with global condemnation. >> a total and complete
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shutdown of muslims entering the united states. reporter: congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle spoke out against the republican presidential candidate. >> donald trump is standing on the platform of hate. >> what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for. and more importantly, it's not what this country stands for. reporter: house speaker paul ryan said he would still support whoever becomes the g.o.p. nominee, sparking a strong reaction from the white house. >> they should say right now that they would not support donald trump for president. what he said is disqualifying. reporter: on the campaign trail, g.o.p. rivals called trump's controversial comments divisive, racist. ted cruz says he disagrees with trump's plan but refused to pile on. >> i do not believe the world needs my voice added to the chorus of critics. reporter: supporters continue to back the billionaire. >> i like what he said. reporter: this muslim-american in new hampshire who once call
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it would republican an icon says he is dumping trump. >> you can't categorize all muslims as being bad. it's just not fair. reporter: the chairman of the republican national committee disagreed with trump and said in a statement this afternoon, "we need to aggressively take on radical islamic terrorism." kenneth mouton, abc news, washington. jonathan: today's twitter poll asks if you think trump has gone too far with the latest comments. you can cast your vote. it's the abc7 twitter feed. you might expect that trump is getting blasted by the other republicannial -- republican presidential candidates on the stance. listen. >> you know how you win this war? you reject those with the ideology. you know how you make american great again? tell donald trump to go to hell. jonathan: the g.o.p. counterparts are condemning trump's statements calling him unfit to be president, unhinged and even a fascist. but many pundits are pointing out that the comments are not
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a far cry from the outrage from the same candidates about talking refugees into the united states after the wake of the paris and the san bernardino attack. jeb bush says we should only allow syrian refugees who can prove they are christians. dr. ben carson says he is opposed to a religious test on u.s. visitors but he does want congress to block refugees. carly fiorina, chris christie and marco rubio said the u.s. should not accept more refugees in the country. senator lindsey graham urged what he called a time-out on accepting more refugees and today senator ted cruz unveiled a state refuge security act which would put a three-year moratorium on refugees from countries that isis and al-qaeda control. on the other side of the aisle, the democrats, hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders condemn trump's comments and say we should not turn our backs on syrian refugees. alison: speaking of senator sanders, he visited baltimore today and held a roundtable discussion with
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african-americans religious leaders there. the vermont senator said combating the city's poverty must be national priorities. sanders also toured the neighborhood where riots broke out after freddie gray's death in police custody. speaking of that, prosecutors rested their case against one of six officers charged in gray's death. afterwards the judge again rejected a defense motion to dismiss the charges against william porter. prosecutors called 16 witnesses in total. officer porter is charged with manslaughter, assault and reckless endangerment. the defense is expected to begin presenting its case tomorrow morning. well, a lot of the tension, of course, just this year on the behavior of police officers all over the country, but what are an officer's rights when first accused of doing something wrong? maryland bureau chief brad bell takes a look at the officer's bill of rights. brad: for years in maryland, police officers have enjoyed something called "the law enforcement officers' bill of
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rights." it gives them protection. if an officer shoots somebody or is involved in an alleged misconduct, they have ten days before they are required to give a statement to investigators. but now after the incidents in baltimore involving freddie gray and more recently an incident involving a prince george's county police officer who held a gun to a man's head and mouth and challenged him to a fight, it appears as though the law officer's bill of rights is going to be changing. yesterday the chair of the committee pointed after the freddie gray incident announced that substantial changes are coming. first and foremost, officers will no longer have ten days before they have to give a statement. more like five. prince george's state's attorney angela alsobrooks not addressing the specifics said it is time for change. >> this is the time for reform. it's time to look at the policies we follow to see if they make any sense anymore.
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the community said it's time for a change. brad: when we come back at 6:00, more on the spotlight of the officer's bill of rights and what people are saying about it and when the changes can be expected. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: today is the deadline for the government to file a response to former virginia governor bob mcdonnell's appeal to the supreme court. he is appealing to review the public corruption charges. no filing thus far but we'll let you know if we hear of one in the newscast. the u.s. supreme court will decide the fate of one person, one vote. today justices heard argument from a conservative group that argue only eligible voters should be counted when drawing electoral districts. the states currently count all residents to put together the districts. they also ruled a challenge to the redistricting in maryland can proceed. the justices ruled a lower court prematurely threw out a
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challenge to a map redraw in 2011. alison: house speaker paul ryan says congress cannot pass a $1.1 billion budget by midnight friday deadline. items including tax breaks, environmental regulations, they have slowed the bill's passage. the speaker says he expects the larger bill to pass before congress adjourns for the christmas holidays. jonathan: developing now, the f.b.i. needs your help in catching a serial bank robber. but it's not just banks he is hitting. he also held up eight gas stations in the district since mid-november. seven in our area. this is the guy we are talking about. in each robbery investigators say he wears a gray hat, zipped pullover and baseball cap. he is considered arm and dange -- armed and dangerous. they are offering $5,000 reward for tip that leads to his arrest. alison: let's talk about something pleasant.
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the weather. gorgeous. hard to believe we're in the second week of december. jonathan: i don't want to jinx us. chief meteorologist doug hill is in the belfort furniture weather center with a check of the forecast. is it going to change? or is this going to stick around? doug: all friends are continuing. it will be warmer. take care of here and now. gorgeous outside the belfort furniture weather center. look at this look. the low-angled sun illuminating the southern portion of the wilson bridge. capitol wheel. it's 54 in reagan national airport. 55 in manassas. 51 in baltimore. 49 in annapolis. the biggest thing we'll deal with the next few days is a couple of periods of cloudiness but it will be mild. later in the week and the weekend, mild may be too weak of a word to describe what is coming. tonight a few clouds. drop to the upper 30's and upper 40's. by morning, same deal. sunshine, clouds back in the mid-50's. we will happy talk about the next seven days. some of you will like it.
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but the skiers, not so much. back in a few. jonathan: thanks. this is the third night of hanukkah. alison: and our meteorologist steve rudin is spending it outside. what is going on there? steve: tonight this place is going to rock 'n' roll as they participate as hanukkah on ice at pentagon row. i'll give you the detail, what to expect, when it starts. we'll talk about the weather for tonight also. reporter: proposal to make d.c. streets safer. pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists. coming up, why i am totally blind.
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and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day.
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this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit alison: today marks 35 years since music legend john lennon was gunned down in front of his apartment complex. a few hundred people took part in a memorial in new york city. the beatles cofounder killed december 8, 1980. his killer, mark david chapman was sentenced to 20 years to life and last denied parole in 2014. jonathan: safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers were on the agenda for the d.c. city council today but the centerpiece of the debate was mayor muriel bowser's so-called "vision zero initiative."
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brianne carter has more on what that is. brianne: they are focused to make the streets safer for everyone. today the d.c. council transportation committee had a hearing on four bills designed to do just that. the vision zero action 2015. the legislation is designed to eliminate traffic-related fatalities and accidents by 2024. it calls for vdot to give safe access for everyone using the roads. prohibbits the use of dirt bikes and -- prohibits the use of dirt bikes. >> this would allow it to be mandated for repeat offenders within 15 queers or high b.a.c. offenders. brianne: b.a.c. meaning blood alcohol content. many say the advocates speaking before the council today support the measure but say it doesn't go far enough. among the suggestions, increased fines for drivers in bike lanes or reducing speeds on neighborhood roads. >> if you go faster and you
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hit somebody, the likelihood of serious injury or death is significantly higher. brianne: some advocates suggest getting rid of all hand use to keep the drivers being distracted. a.a.a. said it's not something they would support. >> there are degrees of distractions. but i think if you did this, it would be unenforceable. and you would make distraction greater in the district. brianne: the proposals will be considered. in addition to the action plan that is expected to be released sometime by the mayor. in northwest washington, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: a colorado school bus driver facing charges after the bus she was driving flipped on its side. colorado state police believe the woman who was under the influence of drugs at the time. they say she veered off the road then caused that bus to roll over. there were eight students on board at the time. five of them were sent to the hospital. two with serious injuries. the 39-year-old driver was arrested and sent to jail.
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all right. let's get a check on our traffic situation this afternoon with jamie sullivan. she is here with the details. hi there. jamie: 95 is going to be a stretch that you don't want to travel heading from d.c. to baltimore. there is an accident just past 198th, only the right lane is open. of course as you can see, we drop down to about 12 miles per hour. and that is a stretch right now that is about three miles that you are seeing the bumper-to-bumper traffic. so getting from the capital beltway continuing to the baltimore beltway will take you about 40 minutes. the best alternate to use will be the baltimore washington parkway. we are seeing the normal afternoon congestion but really that is the only thing right now. let's take a live look just before the i.c.c. to show you on 95. you get a good idea of this traffic. again i say "bumper to bumper" because we're really not moving. seeing more brake lights than we should on 95. again, this is 95 in maryland. as we move back to the maps we are in pretty good shape on 95
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in virginia seeing the northwest stretch from tysons corner to 270 starting to get congested. in d.c., no crashes to report right now. some good news. back to you. alison: very good news. thank you. jonathan: talk about the weather. we don't want to say it too loudly. we're repetitive but this is incredible for december. alison: it's so nice. we love it. doug: enjoy every minute of it. who knows? i think it will turn colder. the idea that december would be warmer than average and then january and february will get a touch colder but on average we are not looking at a nasty winter yet. mark this. jonathan: take the video. doug: i mentioned that the skiers would not be happy with the weekly outlook. we take you to winter green, they are at a higher elevation. they are normally cranked in the snow guns full bore. but during the day, not so much. not the best conditions. but we will keep our eyes open. it's an important industry but the weather pattern is not
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favorable in the near future for any major snow-making in the midatlantic resorts. 52 in aspen hill. 53 in springfield. 54 in dale city. we wake up to the temperatures overnight all across the city, areas northwest. petworth neighbor, 40 by morning. ashburn, 35. 37 in la plata by the morning. tomorrow will be similar to today weather wise and sky wise. we will have a few clouds in the area. generally partly sunny. mild. winds out of the south. i should tell you that that could with a cold ground and southerly winds, could cause area of fog but it will be pleasant through the day tomorrow. check out the numbers for the next seven days. partly sunny skies. 62 on friday. look at the weekend. saturday, sunday, 65, 66. some areas south of the metro may be in the upper 60's for the weekend. a weak cold front could give us a light shower or two. but then when we go through
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the middle of next week it will turn cooler, not colder. that is the key. this is coming up here shortly. the third night of hanukkah. steve rudin is along pentagon row in arlington with a celebration of the season. what are you seeing, steve? steve: we mind me -- behind me, we have a giant minora. they will light this and then after that we take a walk here and everyone will join on the ice for two and a half hours of skating. not only will they have skating but they will have hanukkah music, traditional songs for hanukkah and modern day songs. this is the ice. you have to pay for your skates but they will have food here. kosher hot dogs. they are expecting a huge crowd out here. once again between 6:00 and 8:30 tonight. it's quiet out here right now
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but the atmosphere will change a whole lot over the next couple of hours. i hope everyone can come down and enjoy the festivities. if you don't celebrate hand da, -- celebrate hanukkah, there is still a lot to enjoy. it's decorated for the holidays and a lot of fun on pentagon row. a nice evening. let me say this. i have a poll on twitter. @steverudinabc7. do you think the mild temperatures so far this season made it feel less festive, festive or more festive? overwhelming result, 1,300 people less festive. jonathan: it's in the heart, not the snow. doug: so he is not going to sing for us but maybe we will put on ice skates for us. jonathan: the last time he did that, he almost flipped. alison: made me nervous. i'd like to see him sing and skate at the time. doug: wow! that would be something. jonathan: we'll just play it back over and over. youtube it. you bet. you are looking at one of the most distant objects in the
4:22 pm
solar system. looks like a blob, doesn't it? the new horizon spacecraft sent back the images of an object moving through the belt of neptune. hope it doesn't have a life form in it. located 3 billion miles from earth, the belt is believed to contain comets, asteroids and other objects made largely of ice. maybe it's just a ball of ice blowing through space. alison: all right. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- pope francis pushes for a year of mercy with something that hasn't happened at the vatican in 15 years. jonathan: then later for us, cracking down on predatory towing. find out what the federal government is doing to help local
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jonathan: "7 on your side" and also on your pet's side. horace holmes in the abc7 help center where you can ask the veterinarian a question. this is a great resource. horace: absolutely. it's a great topic, ask the veterinarian. i'm with our veterinarian. dr. katie nelson. thank you for being with us. you brought friends with you. >> we have a room of pet professionals here with us today to answer questions for whoever wants to call in. we have all sorts of specialties here, so whatever people want to ask. call us. horace: we are going into the holiday season and it's a time when pets can be put on the back burner. how do you handle that when they are not getting as much attention as they normally would? >> it's a dangerous time of
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year, too. we have all the things in our house we don't normally have. trees, candles and presents and things like that. and a lot of different foods, too. this is a scary time of year for pets. it's one of the busiest time of year for emergency veterinary hospital. a time to stay on top of. horace: any medical questions or any behavioral problems you are having. 703-236-9220. we have a co-host. blitz. >> blitz is the co-host for the evening. she is gorgeous. a lovely blonde on set right here ready to answer your calls. if you have k-9 specific questions she will answer those. horace: 703-236-9220. jonathan: i love it. a lovely blonde to help answer questions. alison: what a beauty! two beauties. horace, you, too. jonathan: don't go crazy with it. alison: all right. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- heavy rains cause flooding in the upper northwest and also
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overseas. find out where they are seeing 200-year floods just ahead. jonathan: but first, an embattled local shelter runs into a new problem as the residents
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. alison: "7 on your side" after getting a call from a viewer about new problems at one of the district's largest shelters. d.c. bureau chief sam ford got action today after finding out
4:30 pm
that most of the bathrooms at the d.c. general were out of order. >> it's now the harriet tubman shelter for women. for weeks there is only one toilet working in the building for a hundred women. >> we came in the bathroom and we have to turn to the side and use the bathroom. that is not right. >> the women say the working toilet was one of three in a bathroom with a shower stall. two of the toilets were out. some women used the stalls in the d.c. government facility. go to the shower and urinate in the shower or take a bowel movement in the shower where we have to take a shower. that is filthy, nasty. >> people must be upset. >> stressed to be homeless. >> it has a handicap toilet room but it's not for general use they say. after telling us that the
4:31 pm
toilets would be fixed today a spokeswoman came out. >> i won't let you take a camera in a lady's bathroom or shelter. but i have cleared to take you in there. >> she showed me the bathroom and i flushed the toilets there and they all functioned. she said they were fixed this afternoon. sam ford, abc7 news. alison: wow! way to go, sam. well, turn to weather now. it's still beautiful. the temperature is running ten degrees higher than normal for this date. jonathan: we are not complaining. chief meteorologist doug hill tracking the mild stretch and has a check of the forecast and when it might change around here. doug: we have variations but they will go higher heading through the end of the week and the weekend. looking ahead. beautiful shot of the jefferson memorial. partly cloudy skies. 54 in reagan national. temperatures are comfortable to say the least. they will drop this evening. but not dramatically so. the winds will come out of the
4:32 pm
south. so even partly cloudy skies and fog is possible. 51 in baltimore and andrews. it is 46 every time i look at that for the past few weeks. 55 in manassas. the first day of december. the temperatures in the washington area were below average. burr every day since then it has been above average. 3.5 degrees above average. everything we are seeing, computer models are consistent. right now, they there are no guarantees. i never make a guarantee. close but never make a full one. anyhow, looks like through the next few weeks until christmas i better day will be lit up yesterday with the above average temperatures. that is the trend. every now and then a cloudiness. the high pressure that kept us cool initially will set to the south. that will act as a warning mechanism in the atmosphere. shower activity south and east tomorrow night. maybe southern viewing areas
4:33 pm
will get a sprinkle. generally partly cloudy skies will prevail. high pressure south. it will warm things up in a hurry. this is what we see. 56 tomorrow, partly cloudy. 60 on thursday. 62 on friday. as we go through the time period we find the daily average highs drop. but in actually the daily highs rise. 65 on saturday. 66 on sunday. that is the latest. jonathan, over to you. jonathan: thank you for that. new developments to tell you about in the deadly mass shooting in san bernardino, california. abc news learned that agents are now investigating two reports of suspicious activity at a downtown los angeles office building to see if there is any connection to the shooters. as we report, this comes as we hear first-person accounts from what happened inside the conference room. reporter: moments before the attack captured in this photo. survivor julie receiving employee of the year award. 27-year-old denise also surviving the shooting with help from her colleague.
4:34 pm
>> he put his arm around her and said, "i've got you." >> shot once in the side, remembers huddling under the table with the conference room with her colleague johnson. did not survive. she believes that johnson saved her life. >> he did. i don't think he did it at the time. he saved our whole family. >> there are several down in conference room. >> we are learning more about how the couple prepared. they have surveillance tape of the killer taking target practice around the l.a. area. instructor at this range says the f.b.i. seized footage of farook shooting the assault rifle. >> he was here and here by himself. he came to shoot the a.r. reporter: the most important lead now is the man they say presided the cup with the two assault rifles. 24-year-old enrique marquez, a former neighbor of farook's and convert to islam. seen here in the facebook photo. he was questioned for much of the day monday by the f.b.i.
4:35 pm
>> our major concern to determine how the firearms, the rifle in particular, got from marquez to farook and malik. reporter: they provided the f.b.i. with information not previously known to agents and the authorities are considering whether others could be charge as accomplices in the mass murder. abc news, los angeles. jonathan: pope francis opening is door at the basilica to mark the beginning of the jubilee of mercy. it's the first time that the ceremony has been held since 2000. the holy doors are only open in a designated jubilee year. faithful catholics believe the doors symbolize jesus who said, "i am the door." million of pilgrims are expected to visit the holy city in the coming year to walk through the doors. alison: the head of china delegation to the united nations climate talk in paris says the smog in beijing the last few days shows how important is it to find clean
4:36 pm
source of energy. they had the first red alert for the air quality monday. today president obama called in to discuss the climate talks and the white house will make similar calls the other leaders in the next few days. meanwhile at home, tonight, you have a chance to weigh in on the dominion, virginia, power plan to dump coal ash in the dumphries. the meeting is at 7:00 at the virginia department of environmental quality at 13901 crown court in woodbridge. jonathan: devastating flooding causes around the world. start in western norway. the powerful floodwaters sweeping the house away. the flooding was caused by a storm over the weekend. many people forced to evacuate. meteorologist call it a 200-year event and say it could get worse as the affected areas could be in for more downpours. the flood watch in portland,
4:37 pm
oregon is in effect through thursday. it's easy to see why. the streets look like rivers. heavy vain triggering the landslides answer causing the sewer system to flow in the river. the water is so high many had to be rescued from their homes. many had to wade through the water. look at this. the kitty wasn't waiting. done. cat wasn't scared. jumped in to the flooding street and swam across. didn't want to wait around. the cat's owner got it back safely and now she is in for a blow dry. alison: right. visit to the groomer. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- secret santa. find out how complete strangers are making a big impact this holiday season. jonathan: the phone lines are open so you can ask the veterinarian. we have a team of experts standing by at the abc7 help center. you can speak with one of them center. you can speak with one of them directly calling 703-236-9220. it's the holidays.
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toy online, get it shipped directly to a child in need. it comes to us and we send it to toys for tots. you don't have to leave the house. you have until the 15th to take part. we wish you would. for those who have, we thank you. alison: it's a great way to help out. easy. jonathan: today not so secret santas helped make the holidays brighter for a dozen families. alison: jeanette reyes has more on a special surprise. jeanette: today, christmas came early for nearly two dozen families. caught them off-guard. most were speechless. the families 20 in all placed it on lay-away to pay them off over time. today, dozens were paid in full with the swipe of a card and a signature from complete strangers. >> i'm like oh, you know, there are a couple of more things i really wanted. no.
4:42 pm
jeanette: they go by the name pay away the lay away. that is what they do. today they showed us a factory and dished out $1,500. >> four years ago a friend of mine started the organization. it has grown every year since. my friend rachel and i have come out to represent the organization in the d.c. area for lay-away for families. alison: this year -- jeannine: this year they raised money to make sure that christmas wake up to presents under the tree on christmas morning. >> i'm excited. great way to be in holiday spirit. jeanette: jeanette reyes, abc7 news. alison: i love the story. jonathan: great stuff. alison: coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- floating along. now the search is on for the owner of kark found
4:43 pm
floating -- cash found floating in a river. >> who doesn't have a predatory towing horary story? i'm joce sterman. coming up, what changed that could make it harder for the towing companies
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alison: welcome back. "7 on your side" today to help you get your pet questions answered. ask the veterinarian by calling 703-236-9220. our panel of experts including that cutie right there will be there. they will be there until 6:30. there is dr. katie. give them a call if you have pet questions at all. jonathan: towing companies that went unregulated for years are in for a rude awakening. federal legislation could bring changes to the industry including the end of a controversial practice. "7 on your side" i-team investigator joce sterman joining us now to explain. some folks will be happy about this. >> ecstatic! this is what they call spotting. they station someone to stand watch and call in a tow truck if you step off the line.
4:47 pm
the practice may not be there much longer because there is lawmakers here representative from the dmv to give the local government the chance to crack down on the practices. the industry has not been regulated in 20 years but the states have the chance to get the towing companies to ride the line back into line when it comes to how they operate and use the spotters to haul people away. >> the state and the local government can figure it out for themselves. joce: the state of virginia is making waves. the i-team told you about recently filed bill to the police towing companies and they tell my they have
4:48 pm
revamped the legislation. she is considering a plan to ban spotting all together in virginia. jonathan: virginia governor terry mcauliffe wants to give dulles international airport a financial boost. they have lost travelers to reagan national and bwi so they plan to invest $50 million in the airport. the governor says he will include it in the upcoming proposal. police in austria trying to figure out how $110,000 ended up in the danube river. they fished out the euros over the weekend. the man who found it will get to keep it if no one claims it in the next year. alison: finder's keepers.
4:49 pm
jonathan: right. the billionaire presidential candidate now shifting the conversation to the war on terror. alison: donald trump saying the united states should ban all travel by muslims trying to enter the country. today's twitter poll ask if you think he has gone too far with the comments. 54% say the answer is no. jonathan: cast your vote on the news twitter feed. alison: there is a round table discussion. "the new normal" will air on the sister station newschannel8. in the next hour at 5:00 -- >> suspicious activity at a shooting range. i'm chris papst. coming up we will take you inside a local range similar to the ones the suspected terrorist practiced at in california before their attack. jonathan: plus last week she
4:50 pm
was living on the street with eight children with only a car for shelter. now "7 on your side" is there as a mother gets a home for her family. braden will hit the ice for the 200th time in his career when the capitals face off against the red wings tonight. even if the capitals lose, hotsby will still have 117 wins which gives him more other win than any other player. fantastic. congratulations. alison: got to love holtsby. jonathan: the numbers don't compare to the hitman from calgary broke. first goal scholled. teddy bears flying. 2800 teddy bears on the ice. the annual teddy bear toss. once a year they ask them to bring them to the game and throw them on the ice after the hitmen score.
4:51 pm
the bears will be donated to 50 charities. alison: just what you think of when you think of hockey. cuddly teddy bears. jonathan: the kinder side of the sport. alison: steve is on the ice. we hope you put on the skates. jonathan: you did it once before. steve: once a season. minora is behind me. the reason two candles are lit, when it's sundown we light the third candle. it does not feel like december. in the upcoming weekend, it will stay mild. saturday and sunday, we are talking about the daytime high temperatures in the middle 60's. the temperatures will start
4:52 pm
off in the '50's and then the lower 60's. then if that is not enough we have a christmas parade on the water in annapolis saturday evening. temperatures fall from the lower 60's to the middle 40's. look at the next several days. well above average saturday, sunday and monday of next week. to bring us the next best chance for scattered showers. cooler temperatures for tuesday next week. live in pentagon row. it starts at 6:00 and ends at 8:30. come on down for fun. they will join us and there will be 200 people here. check on traffic with jamie sullivan. jamie: two big problems we are dealing with now. i want to begin in maryland, northbound 95. bumper to bumper traffic approaching a serious accident around 198. now we have a left lane blocked. earlier we had all lanes blocked. but it still drops you down to 12 miles per hour. the backup, getting from the
4:53 pm
capital beltway continuing north to baltimore. to the baltimore beltway will take you under 55 minutes. this is a seven-mile backup. from the beltway to where the activity is. the option for you as an alternate, the baltimore washington parkway. not great but still in better shape. a live look will show you backup on 95. approaching route 198. you can see here, brake lights. again, this is for seven miles. let's switch gears and move to virginia as we head to the map. 50 westbound, a big backup both directions. back to you. jonathan: coming up on at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- breaking break. see how i am totally blind.
4:54 pm
and somemes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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4:56 pm
jonathan: well, this holiday season, volunteers giving back to those who helped our
4:57 pm
country. >> christmas arrived two weeks early for 300 military families here in the d.c. area. we are in clinton, maryland, where the party includes volunteer elves, caroling temperatures and dancers and good old st. nick here who by the way is an active member of the military. he is a marine stationed over at quantico. let me show you around what the families will be getting today. the bags here, you can see they are sponsored by wal-mart. these are filled with meals for the families. come on over, i will show you what is inside. you have candied yams to marshmallow and the stuffing. complete meals for the families. 300 families will be getting these. tell us more about the reason for this. operation home front. to tell us more about this great event. >> this is to thank the military family first and foremost and provide the resources to help provide
4:58 pm
safe, stable and secure families because they provide safe, stable american families for us. >> this is the cox family stationed at andrews. >> it's absolutely wonderful. we thank operation home front providing us for the food and help us out at home. >> this helps out. >> families picking up the goods. the holidays arrived early for the military family in clinton, maryland. back to you. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: rebuke against donald trump including one coming from the white house after the presidential candidate set off a fire storm of the expects he made -- comments he made 24 hours ago. he wants to ban all muslims from entering the u.s. >> they have no respect for human life. so we have to do something.
4:59 pm
>> despite criticism, trump is not backing down at all. suzanne kennedy is following the story in newsroom. suzanne: donald trump is under fire. but he is defending his proposed ban to block muslims entering the country. controversial words again being offered by presidential candidate donald trump. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and a complete shutdown of the muslims entering the united states. suzanne: the republican front-runner making the comments on monday days after the san bernardino terrorist attack. trump pledging to maintain the ban until in his words the country representatives can figure out what is going on. this afternoon, the white house blasted the divisive proposal. >> what donald trump said yesterday disqualifies him for serving as president. for the candidates to support mr. trump is wrong.
5:00 pm
>> the speaker of the house paul ryan felt compelled to distance the party from trump's statements. >> this is not conservatism. what he proposed is not what the party stands for and not what the country stands for. suzanne: coming up at 6:00 we hear from a muslim woman in the nation. she tells us what she thinks of the controversial proposal. live in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: trump's comments are spurring strong emotion in the u.s. and around the world as well. today's twitter poll asks if you think trump has gone too far with the latest comment. cast your vote on the twitter feed and get in there now. trump supporters are dominating the poll. two-third weighing in saying that no, trump has not crossed a line here. alison: all right. well, celebration b


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